The least expensive VO2 Max Test in the SF Bay Area!

VO2 Max Testing:
The Gold Standard In Measuring Cardiovascular Fitness & Potential!

• Discover your genetic athletic potential

• Determine your aerobic capabilities

• Learn how to train better

• Follow your cardiopulmonary progress

• Optimize your most sensitive longevity metric

• Reveal your basal metabolic rate

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What's your fitness goal?

Have you ever wondered about your true athletic potential? VO2 Max Testing can give you the answer!

Reveal your peak potential and longevity in 10 minutes! The VO2 Max test takes about 10 minutes to complete, and all it requires is a short bout of exercise while wearing the PNOĒ mask, which collects and analyzes your breath.

To learn more about VO2 Max, download our free eBook!

Genetics and training combine to

produce your VO2 Max

VO2 Max testing reveals your cardiopulmonary fitness. The results contain the information you need to discover your physical strengths and weaknesses, determine the optimal mix of cardio and resistance exercise, and learn how to optimize your nutrition. The BrandeisMD Elite Fitness Studio is proud of offer PNOĒ VO2 Max testing and sophisticated analytics.

Here are the key things the PNOĒ can reveal:


VO2max: It’s the maximum amount of oxygen your body can absorb and the strongest predictor of athletic performance or improvement. 


Movement economy: It’s how efficient your body is when moving. The higher your movement economy, the less energy your body consumes and the less fatigue it accumulates.  


Training zones: It’s the training intensities (expressed in heart rate or power) where your body responds metabolically in a specific way. They should be your playbook for every training and race. 


Fuel usage: It’s how many fats and carbs your body uses in every training intensity and sport. It’s your compass for how much and what to eat during training and everyday life. 


Optimal bike fitting: It’s the position where your body performs the most efficiently by consuming the least amount of energy and the most significant amount of fat.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Whether you want to drop a few pounds, run your first marathon, or optimize your lifestyle for longevity, success is about biology, not psychology. PNOĒ scans all elements of your biology that matter and provides you with a nutrition, training, and breath work program that will guarantee success. 

The data we generate will help you lose weight, boost your VO2 Max and turn back the clock on your biological age!

Key Findings That Testing Will Reveal

Weight loss:

Measures your metabolism, calorie needs, fat, and carb burn with clinical precision and determines the optimal workout plan, calorie, and macronutrient intake that will increase your metabolism and lead to sustainable weight loss.    


Measures how well your heart, lungs, and cells work and determines your limiting factor along with the plan to overcome it. It also provides the metrics to guide your training and race, such as movement economy, personalized training zones, optimal bike position, fat & carb needs. 


Measures with clinical accuracy your VO2max, cellular health, and metabolic efficiency, the strongest predictors of how long and well you are going to live. It also detects risk factors of heart, lung, and metabolic syndrome allowing you to act early.

The VO2 Max Test doesn’t just give you numbers for these metrics. It gives you the optimal training and nutrition recommendations you need to improve on the areas limiting your performance. The PNOĒ takes about 10 minutes to complete, and all it requires is a short bout of exercise while wearing the mask that analyzes your breath. It’s easy enough that you can do it at home with the virtual help of PNOĒ’s team.

Claim Your Free Body Composition Analysis

BMI and weight are not enough to tell you how your body composition looks. Body Composition Analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle volume or percentage of total mass - which may be more important when it comes down to making diet and exercise decisions for yourself!

Many individuals will fall within one of these three different body composition categories below.
Knowing your body composition helps you design an effective, personalized fitness and nutrition plan.

Balanced Body Composition: 

This individual’s weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass are within the same range. A balanced body composition can be healthy or unhealthy depending on your body fat percentage.

 High Body Fat, Low Muscle Mass: 

This individual’s weight is considered healthy for their height but they have a high body fat percentage and low muscle mass level. 

High Muscle Mass, Low Body Fat:

This individual’s weight may be considered high for their height using BMI but that is because they have a high muscle mass level. Their body fat percentage may be lower than average.

How Do You Track Your Progress With Body Composition Outputs?

You can easily track progress and measure the effectiveness of your diet and exercise regimen using body composition. There are several essential body composition outputs that you can use to track your progress over time, which include:

Percent Body Fat (PBF)

Percent Body Fat or Body Fat Percentage is a more accurate indicator of your health than your body weight or BMI because it tells you exactly how much fat mass makes up your total body weight.

For a healthy body fat level, aim for a PBF within 10 – 20% (for males) or 18 – 28% (for females).

Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM)

Skeletal Muscle Mass is crucial for mobility, posture, and strong immunity for long-term health. Body composition analysis shows you precisely how much Skeletal Muscle Mass you have in each body segment, so you can focus on building more muscle or correct imbalances to ensure you have a healthy muscle mass balance.

A combination of the information you learn from Body Composition and VO2 Max is exactly what you need to intelligently plot a course to build muscle, lose fat and maintain lifetime fitness.

The Least Expensive VO2Max Test In The SF Bay Area

To learn more about VO2 Max, download our free eBook!

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